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Knowledge is the Basis of all change...

In order to increase profits and maintain competitive advantage, research much be the first step...

You can't expect to get different results if you do the same thing...

... Helping you achieve greatness though balance.

At the core of any success, knowledge is the foundation that facilitates the journey.  No firm can continue success or remain at the top without reinventing itself every 2-3 years.  The organizational research conducted here enables companies to move forward by creating systemic changes that allows the context of creative environments to occur.   

A few of our current and on-going research topics along with publications:

  • Sense Making and Organizational Learning
    • Is there an impact to individual variables such as self-confidence, job satisfaction, and success from introducing sense making in organizational learning?
    • Is there an impact to organizational variables such as revenue, employee morale, health costs from introducing sense making in organizational learning?
    • Status: Initial bench mark complete, started experiment with a small firm in Columbus Ohio .  
    • Wanted: Seeking for innovative organizations for further development.
  • Organizational Ethics: Alignment of Values
    • Creating effective models for ethical behaviors
    • Is there a correlation between the organizational values of executives and those of its employees?
    • What is the relationship between the alignment of values between the organization and the employees and unethical claims such as law suites against the organization?
    • Publication: The Being of Ethics  Pending Academy of Management Peer Review
    • Status: Initial exploratory research complete. 
    • Wanted: Seeking established organizations to participate in the study.
  • Causes of Small Business Failure: The lack of Action
    • Is there a relationship between the knowledge possessed by successful entrepreneurs and those who are just starting?
    • Is there a difference between the correlation of knowledge and action between successful entrepreneurs and those who are just starting?
    • Status: Data collected, analysis pending, final presentation and paper in process.
  • Self-Evaluation, the key to eliminating mental dependence in human beings
    • Are individual capable of providing truthful evaluations of themselves?
    • What is the impact to self-confidence when individuals perform self-evaluation and know that it counts?
    • Status: exploratory research nearly complete; proposal being drafted. 
    • Wanted: Seeking innovative teachers at all levels of education to participate.
  • Meaningful Learning Methodologies (MLM) - Changing the way education is conducted.  A contextual methodology that create real learning at all levels of education.

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