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Workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year 

Work hours increased by 20% from 1970-2002

Employee turnover range from 50% to 200% of annual pay

Health costs increased as much as 46% per employee

... Helping you achieve greatness though balance.
How's your organization performing with these trends? 

Studies have found the above trends in many organizations. Whether you're a major corporation or a small business, these facts are the cancer that's diminishing profits.  You can't afford NOT to invest in your management team. Building a strong leadership in management has proven to address these issues over and over again.   With the guidance of Dr. Sun, Tom took just a few months to double his revenues, Bob and Andy gained fame with front page exposure, Steve was able to go on his first (without email/cell phone) vacation in nine years, Kathy was able to find the balance in life.  Dr. Sun has helped create countless successes for organizations and individual.  So why not you...

How does Executive Balance work with you? 

What has Executive Balance Accomplished - some Testimonials?

Who is Dr. Ted Sun, your Chief Dream Maker?

"Ted Sun is no Woody Hayes, but he still knows a thing or two about coaching." Business First

NBC, ABC, Columbus CEO, Business First, Inc. Magazine, LA Times, and many other organizations/leaders trust Dr. Sun's advice.  Why not you...?

Latest Media Articles by Dr. Sun:

Our executive development process is committed to the QUANTIFIABLE success of our clients.  We will design customized growth plans with real results while creating the reality of personal mastery in your life through the continual knowledge creation in leadership.  Here's what a few clients said about their experience:

  • What's been your greatest experience since working with Dr. Sun?  Alice
  • How has Dr. Sun helped you and what makes him a unique?  Steve 
  • Has the coaching been worth your experience?  Bob
  • What's the advantage to working with Dr. Sun?  Alice
  • Describe your relationship with Dr. Sun. Holly
  • The Leadership Worthington Program (designed and lead by Dr. Sun):
    • What can you learn from the program? Dorian
    • How has the program changed your life? Andy
    • What was your experience with the program? Holly
    • What a past graduate would say to someone considering the program? Tom

Upcoming Events:

  • Developing Future Leaders

    • Are your children poised to live in a global economy?
    • As parents, you can greatly improve their chance of success by consciously engaging in leadership development, and learning the basics of educational psychology and leadership concepts.
    • Dispel the myths of leadership
    • Break the glass ceiling that most parents build unconsciously
    • Where: Old Worthington Library (820 High Street)
    • When: Sunday - Tuesday, January 16, 2007 7 pm.
  • 2006-2007 Leadership Worthington - "Putting both feet on the court"  
    • 9-month program
    • Identifies the key leadership skills
    • Master managerial communications
    • Learn effective board participation/management skills
    • Enhanced with a Business and Municipal Track
      • For mothers, the program offers an in-depth understanding of the educational system along with the basics on how to enable the brilliance in your child.
      • For business professionals, the program provides the fundamental critical thinking skills that remove the box that contain most thought. The focus on organizational leadership, knowledge management and organizational systems empowers individuals to transcend and reinvent their lives.
      • For government and non-profit leaders (aspiring leaders), the program presents new perspectives on the existing systems. Active engagements with various organizations provide a vast playground for leaders to practice their skills and reshape their beliefs.  
    • Contact 883-3057 for more information


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